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Dragon Mania Legends: Tips, Help and Tips

October 2 2015

Dragon Mania Legends: Tips, Help and Tips

Dragon Mania Legends: Tips, Help and Tips

Following the launch of NOVA 3 Freedom Edition, the free version of the famous shooter, Gameloft back to talk to if releasing on the mobile store Dragon Mania Legends, which was withdrawn from the store shortly after launch in November 2013. Due to the high number of factors that characterize this game, we decided to write a little guide that you can find in this article.

Dragon Mania Legends: Tips, Help and Tips

In Dragon Mania Legends purpose it is to collect, breed and train puppies dragons, to turn them into powerful and fearsome warriors can defeat the threat Viking. There are over 100 species of dragons, each characterized by certain statistics and skills. Everything takes place on our island of dragons, where we will have to build new facilities for their training and for them to thrive better. The battle system will allow us to pit the dragons 3 3 using various tactics and skills unlocked in the continuation of the game. The title is available on Android (go to the Play Store), iOS (go to the App Store) and Windows Phone (go to the Windows Store). Redeem daily prize! How many other similar games, including Dragon Mania Legends provides an award It may be charged with simple daily access, premium that is then incremented to daily, offering the seventh day a baby dragon. Please note that if one day forget to enter the game, the counter will restart and set out again from day 1! Choose strategically your dragons before beginning the battle, take a look at your opponents and choose the dragons as a result, in this way you will be in benefit least from the point of view of the elements of the creatures. The order following elements are as follows: Fire> Wind> Earth> Water> Fire Plants> Empty> Energy> Metal> Plants legendary dragons are strong against any other dragon

Connect with Facebook

By accessing Facebook have the option to redeem the prize of 10 gemstones and is also included the Dragon Prairie (once logged in, you will find it in the inventory). But that's not all, because by signing the famous social networks, automatically find the list of all your contacts with Facebook friends who play Dragon Mania Legends. To access the list, click on the third icon on the left, the one with the three men. In Dragon Mania Legends can use the dragon to a friend using the so-called Dragonoleggio, very useful if you have a friend with dragons more powerful and you can not overcome a certain mission. If you are looking for new players to add, leave a comment with your name and link to your Facebook profile, we will add it to the list. Leave a comment and add your name here! The comment will not appear immediately as containing the link to be approved, so please do not leave more than one comment!
Dragon Mania Legends hack: Guide list and pair of dragons
Smoke Wind + Fire =
= Dust Wind + Earth
Lava Earth + Fire =
Vapor = Fire + Water
Ice Water + Wind =
= Snow Water + Earth
Seed Plants + Wind =
tree = Earth + Plants / Salamander + Leaf
Melon = Water + Plants
Tornado = Air + Metal
Minotaur = Earth + Metal
War = Fire + Metal
Poison Plants = + Wind
Plasma = Energy + Fire
Night + = Blank Plants
Fragment UNCOMMON Bee = Fire + Wind = Salamander Fire + Earth Earth + Water = Mud cloud = Water + Wind = Candy Plants + Water = Leaf Plants + Wind = Razor Metal + Wind = Metal Armor + Earth Metal Cyborg = + Melon UV Brick Rainbow Energy + Water = Meteora = Energy + Steam Woe = Energy + Empty Prickly Shark RARE Tribal = + Powder Fire Elemental = Salamander + Cloud = Clown Fish Lava + Wind = Sunflower Lava Tree + / Steam Tree + Mercury = + Ice Shaver / Razor + Cloud = Rust Minotaur + Water Lightning Magnet EPIC Orange = Steam + Tree Agave candy + Fire = Baron = Razor + Cloud = Armor Black Bee + Minotaur Coral Cyborg + Water = / + Seed Mud Geyser Clay Ruby Iron Banana = Energy + Coral Emerald Tiger Crow Gold = Energy + Poison Blue Flame Aurora Toxic Storm Jam Swamp Alien Dracula

Dragon Mania Legends: Tips, Help and Tips

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